Tips on How to Stop Smoking Pot

December 23rd, 2010 | Categories: Stop Smoking Tips | Tags:

The effects of smoking pot also called marijuana and weed are many and in the extreme cases it may even cause death. Some of the short term effects are hazy vision and hearing, loss or co-ordination and memory problems. The long term effects are that it may create a bad impact on the heart and lungs with the infections taking a heavy toll on the organs. So it is high time that the chain smokers realize the need of the hour and thinks of the different ways to stop smoking. Some of the tips on how to stop smoking pot or weed are as follows.

  • The best way to stop smoking weed and pot is meditation. It helps one clear the thought about smoking and concentrate on other works. Meditation, in the beginning may be difficult to carry out but with enough practice you are sure to get relief from the habit of smoking.
  • Work out everyday. Visit the gym and sweat it out there. This gives you an extra lease of life that keeps the need of smoking away. You will always feel as fresh as ever and forget that you had once smoked. Yoga also works out well for this reason.
  • Deviate your mind from unnecessary thoughts by getting yourself involved with things that interest you. Developing an interesting hobby is one of the excellent ways to stop smoking. You can draw, paint or even write poems and short stories which apart from drifting your thoughts away from smoking also help in increasing your intellectual skills.
  • Mingle with people and have a fun time with friends and family. Speak to your close ones about the problems you are facing. They may help you out of critical situations like these.
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