Health Effects of Tobacco on Kids

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Health Effects of Tobacco on Kids

Smoking has always been a concern that has been in the minds of many and there is a sharp rise in the number of smoking cases these days. It has become so prevalent that it has been researched that smoking is one of the main reasons for the death in the United States. Smoking is said to harm almost every part of the body. The most untoward fact is that smoking affects not only the smokers but the other around as well. This is termed as passive smoking. Children are most affected by any of the parent who smokes. This also encourages them to take up tobacco smoking too. It is the children whose health is at greater stake than the adults.

Facts on tobacco

The tobacco present in the cigarettes contain over 4000 chemicals out of which many are cancer causing agents and there are also 200 known poisons present. The substance that is responsible for the tobacco smoking addiction is nicotine which is easily absorbed by the lungs when the cigarette is burnt. Most people give in to smoking not knowing the health effects to them but the children around them too. Following are the health effects of tobacco on children.

  • The children are more vulnerable to short term effects when there is mild exposure to cigarette smoke due to passive smoking. Some such effects are coughing and irritation in the throat.
  • Another one of the main tobacco effects is the increase in the heart rate, blood pressure and bronchitis.
  • There can also be bad breath, stained teeth, decreased athletic performance and an increased susceptibility to colds.
  • The appearance of the child may also change if the child is subjected to active smoking. The skin becomes pale and dry owing to the exhaustion of the oxygen levels of the body.
  • Some other short term effects of tobacco smoking are the bleeding of mouth with cracked lips and soreness of the mouth.
  • Chewing tobacco can also lead to oral cancer and to treat the condition the removal of the affected areas is necessary.
  • The immune system is most affected by the incessant chewing of tobacco and smoking thereby it becomes difficult for you to keep away from the flu and cold.
  • Respiratory diseases like asthma are other of the main tobacco effects. There is also a possibility for nosebleed.
  • When mothers to-be are exposed to tobacco smoking, it is likely to affect the fetus and the child may be underweight and also have a possibility to develop cerebral palsy and also learning disabilities.
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