Update: November 22nd, 2011

Are you trying to quit smoking? You’ve thought about it time and time again. You’ve probably even tried and it just never worked out for you. The truth of the matter is you’re not the only one who has tried and failed. But then again, others didn’t have all the tools that could help them quit smoking and stay smoke free for life.

It’s time to try an all natural approach: CigArrest. The CigArrest program gives you all the tools you need to make this addiction a distant memory.

CigArrest customers are given a free 30 day trial of CigArrest tablets, CigArrest gum, and CigArrest vitamins. The customer will continue to receive supplies every 90 days as long as they wish to continue and will be charged monthly after the initial 30 day trial. They then have another 30 day money back guarantee, so essentially CigArrest customers are given 60 days to decide if they are happy with the program or not.

So consider yourself the next satisfied customer!

Why not give it a try? You have nothing to lose except your smoking habit, which benefits not only you, but the people around you too!

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